mandag, februar 27, 2006

Update on Baby Inchley

28/1-05 E-mail fra Mie

Hello might have heard via via etc, that "baby boy" now
has a name: Samuel Mathias!
Samuel means God has heard, and Mathias means God´s
we ´ve covered just about everything needed in this situation there! ; )

Samuel was two weeks old yesterday, but hasn´t grown much yet...he
was continuing to loose weight, so they decided to put him on some
extra proteins mixed in with his milk. Unfortunately on the day
they were supposed to start him on this, he took looked
like he had an infection, so they put him on some antibiotics that
supposedly covered most bacteria. This was 5 days ago now. He´s
stopped breathing quite often since getting ill, and sometimes he
needs quite a lot of persuasion to start again. Yesterday the
bacteria culture taken showed that the infection he has was in fact
resistant to the antibiotics he´d been they gave him a
different type. Today he hadn´t made the progress they had hoped
for, and he´s now been put on a ventilator until Monday, to try and
stabilise him (he´s has stopped breathing a lot last night and
today). On Monday they´ll assess the situation again.

To make matters worse, our car broke down yesterday....and Elissa
is sick.....

As you probably can imagine, this is all very tough on us, as
everything is so unsure. The margins are so so small with these
little ones. We very much appreciate your prayers, we really need
it at this difficult time.

Mie and Chris

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